Anonymous: if you're taking requests i'd love if you could make a gifset of simon pegg on ferguson's show, the bit with him talking about how he isn't in therapy, won't ask for directions, won't read ikea instructions and prefers to suffer within his psychosis and eventually find he's got a screw loose much like his ikea furniture!

Sure thing! I’ll make it tonight, I’m just going to download it first :) Thanks for the request!

brandojay replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

you’re so cute! i especially like the 3rd one :)

wow thanks so much, you’re so kind to say that! :)

elozable replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

You’re so pretty!

Thanks so much, love, you’re too kind. xxx

unpeudeciel replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

um, are you actually Juno Temple? :)

hahaha i wISH. but thank you, what a wonderful thing to say :)))

farmerkrist replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

You are so gorgeous, oh my god??

Thanks so much Sarah (I’m totally not though but it makes me really happy that you say so). :) x

arsenalinthetrunk replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

you are gorgeous

Thank you very much, you’re way too kind! x

selfishjean replied to your post: The brilliant selfishjean ta…

heyyy prettyyyy :))))

Likewise!! (That’s a real clumsy Friday Night Dinner reference :D) x

Anonymous: Can I just say that you look really pretty in those photos

Oh why thanks so much you lovely person, that’s so kind of you to say! :) xxx

The brilliant selfishjean tagged me to do the Six Selfies Challenge and there it is. They’re all webcam selfies so they’re all crap but yeah I tried to find some from this year, the first one is from last December though I think, two to five are from Ireland and the last one is from like last week and yep I’m wearing the same shirt in two of them and yep I only own black shirts and yeah you can count on my hair always being a mess. I’m tagging the following lovely souls from my tumblr crushes list at the moment (who are there along with Janine and my sisters) - the-evil-stud-muffin, ollystarlings, somanythingstobeobsessedwith, ohgalahad, spicymangosalsa and farmerkrist (no pressure to do it obviously).